Lezing KBVK | General Lance L. Smith, USAF, NATO, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT)

Nadere mededelingen over deze lezing volgen spoedig. Ter introductie is hierna het CV van Generaal Smith weergegeven en de beschrijving van zijn functies als SACT en US JFC.

Gen. Smith serves as NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and Commander U.S. Joint Forces Command. Both headquarters are located in Norfolk, Va, USA.

As one of two NATO strategic commanders, Gen. Smith leads the transformation of NATO military structures, forces, capabilities and doctrines to improve the military effectiveness of the Alliance and its partner nations in direct support of NATO's global security interests.

As commander U.S. Joint Forces Command, Gen. Smith is responsible for maximizing future and present military capabilities of the United States by leading the transformation of joint forces through enhanced joint concept development and experimentation, identifying joint requirements, advancing interoperability, conducting joint training and providing ready U.S. forces and capabilities.

USJFCOM is a force of more than 1.16 million active and reserve soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, spanning USJFCOM's four service component commands and eight subordinate activities. USJFCOM personnel include members from each branch of the U.S. military, civil servants, contract employees, and consultants.

As NATO's ACT strategic commander, he will lead transformation within the Alliance through concept development and military experimentation. ACT's employment of an effects-based approach to operations involves a comprehensive and integrated application of all instruments of Alliance power. Transformation within national forces and those of NATO partners, a key element of the command's mission, relies upon robust research and technology combined with new concepts and doctrine for increased force interoperability. ACT is responsible for joint training and doctrine development within the Alliance as well as for joint doctrine for and direction of NATO schools and colleges.

ACT command elements include Joint Warfare Centre, Stavanger, Norway; Joint Analysis Lessons Learned Centre, Monsanto, Portugal; Joint Force Training Centre, Bydgoszcz, Poland; SACT Representative Europe, Brussels, Belgium; SACT Staff Element Europe, Mons, Belgium; NATO School, Oberammergau, Germany; and NATO Undersea Research Centre, La Spezia, Italy.

CV A graduate of Virginia Tech, Gen. Smith is a native of Washington D.C., and graduated from Officer's Training School in 1970. His career has included more than seven years in command including 7th Air Force, Pacific Air Forces and Air Component Commander, Republic of Korea and U.S. Combined Forces Command Korea. The general also served two tours at the Pentagon and was commandant of the NATO School at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, commandant of the Air War College and commander of the Air Force Doctrine Center.

The general has flown more than 165 combat missions in Southeast and Southwest Asia in the A-1 Skyraider and the F-15E Strike Eagle. A command pilot, he has more than 3,000 hours in the T-33 Shooting Star, T-37 Tweet, T-38 Talon, A-1, A-7 Corsair II, A-10 Thunderbolt II, F-111F Aardvark, F-15E and F-16 Falcon.

The general's military decorations include the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross with two Oak Leaf Clusters and the Purple Heart.